European Wellness Academy (EWA) is proud to announce our collaboration with Philippine Academy of Aesthetic & Age Management Medicine Inc. (PAAAMMI)!

The collaboration between EWA and PAAAMMI will supplement efforts to improve resources, training and knowledge in Biological Regenerative Medicine, with a focus on Immunotherapy, Metabolic and Frailty Syndrome, with the hope to meet the current and future demand in anti-aging and overall wellness. With the global chronic diseases is on the rise, Biological Regenerative Medicine is the present and the future of total wellness, and education training in the field of Biological Regenerative Medicine is critical for the key industry players to be able to meet the coming demands.

This collaboration consists of 48 webinars conducted by EWA’s subject expert comprising of a team of qualified Medical Doctors, Immunologist and Scientist with numerous international affiliations and accreditations. This broad range of webinar aims to expand the knowledge and abilities of participants in their respective fields of specializations and contributes to the development of successful treatments and solutions for their global clients.

These webinars is scheduled to air on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6pm, starting on 20th April 2022 up until November 2022.

About European Wellness Academy (EWA)

European Wellness Academy (EWA) is a global training provider devoted to furthering and developing the European approach to holistic wellness management with the aim of equipping physicians and aesthetic practitioners with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to practice Biological Regenerative Medicine in whole-life disease management and aesthetic treatments. EWA dreams and serves as the education, awareness and knowledge exchange wing of the European-Wellness (EW) group, under the leadership of the EW group; Prof Dato Seri Dr. Mike Chan.

EWA has a long history with combined experience in the field of medicine, biomedical science, medical research and education. With many years of research and experience in the field of regenerative medicine and biomolecular therapy, EWA is one of the first institutions in Europe to engage in anti-aging and health management.

The professional and academic capacity of EWA is very strong. EWA has more than 20 global affiliations with accreditation bodies and related associations, achieved wide recognition in the international academic community and has established extensive collaborative relationships. As to date, EWA has published a large number of scientific articles and journals, books and has held more than 1,000 international professional seminars in over 70 countries and regions.

Being the training and development of Biological Science Wellness, EWA have various workshops and courses designed to cater to practitioners, researchers and fellow advocates of Regenerative Therapeutics. EWA utilizes a wide range of e-Learning Tools, Learning Management Systems and Digital Tools to constantly keep learners engaged and kept updated with the latest development in the field of Biological Wellness and Regenerative Medicine.

About Philippines Academy of Aesthetic & Age Management Medicine Inc. (PAAAMMI)

The Philippine Academy of Aesthetic & Age Management Medicine Inc. (PAAAMMI) is a non-profit professional medical organization with the vision to have the best aesthetic and age management care, an optimum of wellness, and longevity, under international standards.

PAAAMMI’s mission is to provide high quality and cost effective health care service, based on the very early detection prevention and reversal of age disease related process, employing a combination of age management medicine, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic medicine.

It was in the year 2000 when a group of anti-aging practitioners formed the Philippine Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Inc. (PAAMI). A new generation of doctors took PAAMI further in year 2009. In 2013, the reinvented PAAMI was finally registered to Security and Exchange Commission (SME) under the new name Philippines Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc. (PAAAMMI) with Dr. Charlie Mendez as the Founding President.

The President focuses on Continuing Medical Education (CME) for the benefits of its entire member. National CME is to conduct a regular series of symposium nationwide while the International CME was created to assist the PAAAMMI members in attending international congresses and training and also to bring a strong relationship and allies with global societies.