Prof Dato Seri Dr. Mike Chan bagged the BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Award.

At the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur; Prof Dato Seri Dr Mike Chan, the Founder of European Wellness Co-Founder, received the highly-coveted BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Award.

The past two years have been one that tested resilience, value perspective, and courage across the economic and social sphere of livelihood. Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan was no exception. Amidst the tests, with him, we enjoyed the BrandLaureate E-Branding Awards as an awaited celebration that gave us room to reflect and cheer the hard work that went in to the past two testing years.

Last year, European Wellness Co-Founder Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan stood out as a recipient of the BrandLaureate Most Outstanding BrandLeadership Achievement during the prestigious BrandLaureate Awards 2020, highlighting his contributions in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan’s inspiring leadership built the empire which continues to thrive and expand amidst the pandemic. This in itself is authentication to his steep will, invincible spirit, and standing as an iconic leader in the biomedical industry! Best wishes to the progressive vision of Prof. Dato Seri Dr. Mike!