Understanding Recognition of Prior Learning

European Wellness International Institution is an institution that adheres to the following policy in achieving the objective to recognize and appreciate the years if not decade of work the individuals have put in the wellness:

Understandings of the Recognition of Prior Learning:

  1. The idea of RPL is aligned to main elements of prior experience by transformation, accreditation and lifelong learning.
  2. The RPL process is a multi-dimensional one. It is a process through which non-formal learning and informal learning are measured, mediated for recognition across different contexts and certified against the requirements for credit, access, inclusion or advancement in the formal education and training system, or workplace.
  3. RPL processes can include guidance and counselling, and extended preparation for assessment.
  4. Assessment, an integral feature of all foil is of RPL, does not exist in isolation from a range of other strategies that allow for different sources of knowledge and forms of learning to be compared and judged.
  5. RPL is multi-contextual. How it takes place differs from one context to another. RPL may be developed and implemented differently for the purposes of personal development; further learning and advancement in the workplace, and recognition appropriate. The purposes and contexts determine the practices and outcomes of RPL in each case.
  6. RPL processes may take place at a diagnostic, formative or summative point, or in-curriculum to create opportunities for advanced standing or recognition in the workplace.

EWII has her strong faith in the journey of our founder who has walked the professional development path in a unique yet empowering way and has never seized to grow further.